The Session. According to Grace Community Church’s Book of Church Order (BOCO), our church is governed by a board of elders called the Session. The Session is charged with maintaining the spiritual government of the church, for which purpose it has power: [A] To inquire into the beliefs and Christian conduct of the church members under its care; [B] To examine, ordain, and install elders and deacons; [C] To oversee the deacons; [D] To govern church finances; [E] To call Session, congregational or other meetings when necessary; [F] To govern the teaching in the church, the classroom, and home fellowships; [G] To govern worship; [H] To promote local outreach and world missions; [I] To order special collections for pious uses; and [J] To insure the proper administration of the sacraments. The Session may divide these functions among itself or, at its discretion, delegate members or committees to perform some duties, under the oversight of the Session.

Board of Deacons. The deacons at Grace Community Church are responsible for the conduct of many of the practical functions of the church which include, but are not necessarily limited to: [A] handling contributions; [B] administration of the benevolent fund; [C] maintaining close contact with missionaries and other ministries that the church supports, to insure those ministries’ needs and the church’s obligations to them are met; [D] overseeing the cleaning, maintenance, replacement and upkeep of church furnishings and property, including hiring and paying cleaning staff, carpet cleaners, or contractors who do work for the church; [E] setting up church work days when necessary; [F] purchasing all materials and supplies for the church; [G] serving as or appointing ushers to serve at the communion table; [H] providing for all logistical needs for church services, meetings, Bible studies, retreats, potlucks, banquets, concerts, plays, etc., including set-up, break-down, and clean-up; [I] taking requests from members requiring assistance in moving, meals for the sick, etc., and organizing help to provide for those needs; [J] keeping accurate administrative records of church expenses and all contracts. The deacons may divide up these duties among themselves or delegate some duties to member volunteers.

The Congregation. Whenever it may seem in the best interests of the church, the Session shall call a congregational meeting by giving advance public notice of at least one week. No business shall be transacted at such meeting except what is stated in the notice. The Session shall always call a congregational meeting when requested in writing to do so by one-fourth of the active members of a church. A quorum of a congregational meeting shall consist of one-fourth of the active members. Only active members in good standing, 18 years or older, are entitled to vote. The senior pastor shall preside as moderator of congregational meetings by virtue of his office. If it should be impracticable or inexpedient for him to preside, or if there is no pastor, the Session shall appoint one of their number to preside. A majority vote of those in attendance at the congregational meeting shall be required: [A] to elect church officers; [B] to buy, sell, or mortgage real estate property for the church; and [C] to secure a loan for church property.