Senior Pastor


Stephen Hildebrandt

"The Lord must have a sense of humor to take a shy kid who use to throw up before college speech class and put him in front of people to preach the Gospel. By college training and government service I am a rocket scientist. But I was spiritually dead until I repented and turned to Jesus Christ. Now my consuming passion is to teach people the Word of God in a way that doesn't require a person to be a rocket scientist to understand it."


Education & Experience.

Education: Stephen graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs in 1978 with a bachelors degree in Astronautical Engineering.
Experience: USAF, O-3 (’78-’87);
Civil Service, GS-14 (’88-’90)


Wife & Family.

Steve and Annemarie met after college graduation. Annemarie was an abandoned single mother with a three year old son when she and Steve married in 1980 at the Air Force Academy Chapel. Steve was able to adopt her son shortly after they married. Steve and Annemarie had five other children whom Annemarie home-schooled.

USAFA Chapel




After the premature death of Steve's father, he and Annemarie started thinking about eternal matters. Co-workers at Steve's work tried to convert him to Mormonism, and Steve was ready to join the Mormon church. But the couple visited a Christian church and after the service they stopped by the church's book store looking for answers. After one of the books fell off the shelf, Steve sarcastically said, "I guess God wants me to read this one." The title of the book was, The Mormon Illusion. That afternoon, on February 8, 1981, after reading the book, Stephen renounced Mormonism and recieved Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Annemarie received Christ shortly afterward and the couple joined the presbyterian church they had visited.


Christian Education & Ministry.

Working for the Air Force in Washington D.C. during the day, Stephen attended classes at Capital Bible Seminary at night. In 1987 Stephen resigned his Air Force commission to continue going to seminary. Then in August of 1988, through a series of events he started a Bible study in Chesapeake, Virginia on Saturday nights, and in 1990 the church was planted. Steve has pastored the church since 1990.