Youth Pastor2

Jeff Montgomery

“It took a major tragedy in my life to really understand my need for Jesus Christ. I realized my life was filled with sin and pride and many other things of the world. In 2006, I repented of my sins, surrendered my life, and received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Today my wife and I serve the Lord in youth ministry, and it is a blessing to disciple and lead our youth, and do all things to glorify our Lord.”


• LCDR, USN (Ret), 1981-2005
• GS-13, Civil Service, 2009-2016


• Married to Anita, 1984
• 2 Daughters: Ashley & Brandy


Christian Experience.

• Received Christ, ‘06
• Member, GCC, ‘06
• Deacon, GCC, ‘08-‘13
• Youth Leader, ‘08-Pres.
• Elder, GCC, ‘13-Pres.
• Pastor-In-Training, ‘16-Pres.

Youth Ministries.